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Various works by Bas Jan Ader, including his final piece, In Search of the Miraculous, in which the 33 year-old artist attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a small sailing boat. A few weeks following his departure, contact with the artist was lost, and he was never heard from again.

I think it is safe to say [Ader] was a profoundly depressed man. It is in this light that we should see the films in which he falls from a roof, a tree or into a canal. In order to fall, you have to let go, to lose control - just as you must if you allow yourself to feel the full force of overwhelming grief. In a superb documentary film Rene Daalder has made about Ader’s life and work, it is suggested that the act of crossing the Atlantic in such a small boat was another way to lose control, to place himself at the mercy of a force greater than himself. Perhaps he let go of the steering wheel, surrendering himself to the ocean as he had surrendered to the force of gravity. We will never know. [via]

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My parents will be in the area tomorrow so I’m going to try and see if I can get them to buy my gas and maybe my costco membership. Fingers crossed.



How can rape by giving a drug or intoxicant to a person that renders them unable to give consent have a minimum sentence of 0-15 years but possession of drugs without being used for rape has a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life?

its almost like we have legalized the systematic oppression of women and people of color

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